Quite randomly, I was talking to a friend about movies her car-mad three-year-old might like, and I remembered my childhood and making airfix model cars just before knights and dinosaurs kicked in at around six or seven. I and my father glued a Darracq together and I know why. It was because of this film, which I loved as a child and which is, like everything else in the world, on YouTube.

And interestingly, even then, part of what I loved was the car and part was the glamour of the comic adversary’s girlfriend, played by Kay Kendall. Who, I discover on looking the film up in IMDB, was calld Rosalind. Is that really where I fell in love with the name I would bear for the greater part of my life? I fear it probably was.


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Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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  1. girfan says:

    I really love that film!

  2. the_maenad says:

    I remember watching the second half of that film on television at a fairly tender age and loving it, and for years afterwards I didn’t know what it was. When I finally did find out, and get to see the whole movie, of course the first half wasn’t anywhere near as good…

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