The vilest maddest thing that Pat Robertson has ever said

You might think that a Christian, even a rightwing Christianist piece of fly-infested mumbling shit, would regard the most important thing about the Haitian earthquake would be the absolute duty of everyone, Christian or merely human, to act in accordance with the Beatitudes – heal the sick, feed the hungry, all that jazz.

But no, Robertson has the real stuff to explain to us:

Apart from the insanity of all of that, he’s a historical simpleton and illiterate who cannot even tell Napoleon from his nephew.

Somehow this is even more insane than if it were the simple racism that it clearly is underneath – people like this live in a garish world of angels and demons that make comic books look like Wittgenstein.


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30 Responses to The vilest maddest thing that Pat Robertson has ever said

  1. parmonster says:

    On behalf of my countrymen, I apologize…

  2. tsubaki_ny says:

    Words are inadequate. I’ve been slinging some around, but no, they’re not adequate.

  3. shelleybear says:

    Between him and Limbaugh I am, (once again) ashamed to be an American.

  4. Oh, why did I watch that. I knew it was just going to infuriate me. What a crock of shit.

  5. jessie_c says:

    Most people who talk about their imaginary friends don’t get invited onto National TV.

  6. ffutures says:

    Absolutely batshit crazy. I wonder how long it’ll be before someone markets a Pat Robertson voodoo doll?

  7. Vile, from a man who seems only to utter batshit, such as Scotland being overrun with homosexuals (as if that would be a bad thing were it true)

  8. clanwilliam says:

    I’m going to repeat my phrase of the night, and one I hope that assorted US people will pick up: Pat Robertson has just declared that a war of independence in the northern Americas was “a pact with the devil”. I would love if the rest of the US read that and reached their own conclusions.

    • Can Haiti be considered part of the Americas? It’s on the same continental plate as North America, sure, but it’s more usually grouped with the West Indies.

      (but yes. A slave revolt is ‘a pact with the devil’? That’s some pretty nasty thinking right there.)

      • clanwilliam says:

        I specifically checked tectonic plates for that reason!

        Yes, it’s part of the West Indies, but as part of a continental group, it’s part of North America (just as the islands of Ireland and Great Britain are part of Europe).

        What gets me is the unmitigated gall that suggests that declaring independence from colonialism is a pact with the devil.

        Of course, they were *slaves* and they were black. How *dare* they assume privileges not meant for them? Because that’s what Robertson is saying (and his French history is way out too – it was 1804. after all, less than 30 years after the US war of independence).

      • paulathomas says:

        OK this might be nitpicky but…The fault that slipped and caused the earthquake is part of the boundary between the Caribbean and North American plates.

        Haiti is mainly on the Caribbean plate not the North American one.

        Other than that I totally agree with you and everyone else. In my view Robertson uses religion for his own somewhat despicable ends and shows the dangers of certain types of dogmatic belief.

        The relative poverty of Haiti and prosperity of the Dominican Republic has more to do with the approval of the US gov. rather than God or is the US Gov. the God Mr Robertson is referring to?

      • Ah, but God wants America (specifically the Republican Party) to be great, and therefore anything America does must be God’s will, and therefore good.

        (Seriously, that’s what people like Robertson think. Batshit.)

      • Anonymous says:

        Bring Back the King

        Well that (as I am sure Paula intended) is the interesting message in Robertson’s decrying of North America risings (and of course a conspiracy of slaveowners is rather more obviously a pact with the devil than is a slve rising). Alas I fear he was not trying to suggest the American Revolution was unaccaptable, after all, he probably knows he and his ilk would not fare well in a Britsh envoironment (though given his ignorance perhaps not),


      • bcholmes says:

        I think Pat Robertson is as wrong as wrong can be, but I think he’s specifically referencing (in his own twisted, mixed up way) the Vodou ceremony that took place at Bwa Kayiman, and which many Haitians view as the spiritual start of the Haitian revolution.

  9. crazycrone says:

    It’s like some kind of Brass Eye satirical thing. You really couldn’t make it up.

  10. There are things that come under “Well, I’m shocked, but not surprised.” And then there’s that.

  11. I feel so sorry for the poor woman standing next to him, having to just nod along and say, ‘right, absolutely’ because she knows that it’s her job, and if these insane ramblings make people give money to the appeal, it’s worth it.

  12. vschanoes says:

    Well. I’m an atheist, but if Satan frees slaves, and God murders thousands and leaves even more injured and without resources, I know which side I’m on.

    Lovey–I’m calling you tomorrow. Sorry things have been so crazy!

  13. sockkpuppett says:

    Whenever I try to lie to myself and say that humanity is progressing, I see this sort of stuff and remember that we’re just seconds away from swinging from branches and eating our young. He’s crazy, not stupid, and he knows that this sort of crap just riles people up and puts him back in the headlines.

    I weep for us.

  14. makd says:

    Of course, the ultimate irony is that Robertson is slinging that crap to an African-American woman….

    On behalf of my countrymen, permit me to apologize for Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and all the other ape-shit crazies that proliferate in what we humbly call a democratic republic on the weird side of the pond.

  15. cmcmck says:

    You do have to question the basic sanity of someone who can spout this bile.

    If he’s actually sane, then run for the hills, US peepe!

  16. martyn44 says:

    Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man a wealth and taste.

    As you say. Batshit.

  17. ravenbait says:

    …people like this live in a garish world of angels and demons…

    I’m pretty damn sure that the angels and demons think that Pat Robertson is ludicrous as well. Thankfully I’m fairly sure there’s a special place reserved for people just like him.

    What worries me is the idea that there are people out there who actually buy the venomous sputum issuing from his mouth.

    • Thankfully I’m fairly sure there’s a special place reserved for people just like him.

      Where there are firm-handed orderlies and smiling men in white coats?

      • cmcmck says:

        “I’m fairly sure there’s a special place reserved for people just like him.”

        Reminds me of the joke about the wall round part of heaven (although in his case, it might just be a wall round part of hell! :o)

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