M-m-m-My Generation, baby

Martin Amis, who clearly hoped he’d die before he got old and is living with disappointment:
They’ll be a population of demented very old people, like an invasion of terrible immigrants, stinking out the restaurants and cafes and shops. I can imagine a sort of civil war between the old and the young in 10 or 15 years’ time. There should be a [euthanasia] booth on every ¬≠corner where you could get a martini and a meda.

So, clearly, he has no doubts whatever where the obsession with zombies comes from – it is just so bizarre that he puts it like this.


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7 Responses to M-m-m-My Generation, baby

  1. martyn44 says:

    As long as his name is top of the list to use the booth . . .

  2. redbird says:

    He clearly has no real idea of dementia or of what’s involved in caring for people, because my second thought (after “him first”) was that if so, it would be the only civil war where one side could win by walking away: “stinking out the restaurants” may sound dramatic, but how are they getting there? How do they cope if they’re refused rides to the shops, or led or carried away by young police officers and taken back to a locked ward?

    I don’t know enough about Amis or his current or past family situation to speculate on his relations with his own parents or grandparents.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The “invasion of terrible immigrants” thing, UGH. What a nasty man. Ever wish these people who talk about immigrants as an invasion would wall themselves off somewhere so the rest of us don’t have to breathe the same air? Wonder how they’d decide who’s going to do the hard work.

  4. shelleybear says:

    They’ll be a population of demented very old people, like an invasion of terrible immigrants, stinking out the restaurants and cafes and shops.

    South Florida….
    The future is NOW!

  5. I recently did a study trip to South Florida and was talking to people in the health service there and saying we had nothing that approximated their huge retirement communities, literally thousands on thousands of OAPs all ballroom dancing and playing bingo (and needing sexual health services, much as it may pain Mr Amis to consider it). One of them said to me in puzzlement “so what do you do with your old people, then?”. They couldn’t conceive of them remaining with families and in the community.

    But my response to Martin A is like martyn44’s: “After you, Mr Amis”.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I cannot imagine the crabbed life Mr. Amis must have lived, that he regards age as dreadful and stinking. How…pinched.

    Perhaps he should consider becoming a hermit/monk. Preferably one whose vows preclude revealing the precise and narrow dimensions of his soul.

    Poor thing.

    (Condescension. Ew. I might develop a taste for that…)

  7. ansiblenews says:

    He seemed a lot more sympathetic about old age and decay when writing about the final decline of his More Talented Father in Experience.

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