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And it was always going to happen

The difference between Catullus and Sappho is that I can still more or less read Latin…These are still versions, rather than translations, because they are two of the most translated poems in literature. They’re quite a bit more faithful than … Continue reading

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OK then – to recap

Roz relaxed after the Evelyn-Evelyn row had wandered off past her mental periphery – nonono Roz decided that she had said all she could usefully say on Palmergate, wrote a completely unconnected poem and was happy that something neat had … Continue reading

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A new poem.

This is a story I came across again when I was researching the bit of the novel that is about the French Revolution and couldn’t use. It had struck me years ago and is why I quite lost my temper … Continue reading

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Breaking silence for a while in the matter of Caprica, are we really being told that the God of BSG is the recreated consciousness of a psychotic dead teenage girl? It would make perfect sense to me.

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No more talk for a bit

OK I am aware of having totally slipped into ‘Someone is wrong on the internet’ mode and have said much of what I have to say, and even thought some more about the broader issues of internet debates. I am … Continue reading

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Guest post by Maki

Some people have had difficulty in reading my friend Maki’s comments on Amanda Palmer’s blog. As I said in my previous post, the voice of some feminist women who have disabilities and do not agree with the perspectives of FWD … Continue reading

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One of the reasons why I haven’t commented thus far on the EvelynEvelyn row is that I haven’t seen the actual work yet, but then, no more has anyone else, except for the couple of songs that have been released … Continue reading

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