And this is what they want to do to all of us

A good piece here from the Independent, gakked from Sullivan, on the utter quackery of reparative therapy. It is not medicine at all – it is a mixture of crank theories and Christian prayer. And it is managing to fiddle funding from the NHS, which is scandalous.

People who think trans can be got out of people’s system by a ‘talking cure’ will end up promoting this sort of thing, sooner or later no doubt backed up by electric shock aversion therapy and a reintroduction of lobotomy.


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5 Responses to And this is what they want to do to all of us

  1. actionreplay says:

    *hands Roz a cattle prod to apply some electric shock aversion therapy to Bindel*.

  2. snakey says:

    The purpose of this investigation was to find out how conversion therapists operate. What I didn’t expect was that I would learn how their patients feel: confused and damaged.

    I began to constantly analyse why I found particular men attractive. Does that man represent something that’s lacking in me? Do I want him because he looks strong which must mean I feel weak? Did something happen in my childhood? The therapists planted doubt and worry where there was none.

    Translated into transness rather than homosexuality, this sounds remarkably like some of the “therapy” I had to have before I was allowed to transition – some of which has left me very psychologically scarred.

  3. supergee says:

    Excellent. Blogging it.

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