And on a roll

One of my favourite bits of Heine:

Broken up within my chest
all lust, and every joy or jest
and wicked men can sin away
without my caring. From today
I’m done with pitying the pain
of others or myself. My brain
is winding down and so’s my breath
The only thing I feel is death

The credits roll; the movie’s done
they’re off, already having fun
my fans. Good people, they’re not dumb
they’ll smoke a joint or drink some rum
and coke, walk off without a care
I’m dead, they’re not – It isn’t fair
he should be right. Achilles said
there’s just no point in being dead,
when some smug little Stuttgard shit
is getting laid, the lucky git
while I’m the hero prince of hell
and cannot fuck or see or smell
or feel the sun upon my skin
a hungry shadow, pale and thin.


About rozkaveney

Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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3 Responses to And on a roll

  1. crazycrone says:


    You really are smokin’ today. They’re all fine, but I think this is my favourite, although the riff on Lesbia’s sparrow is ace, too…

  2. anef says:

    Oh, that is brilliant! I suppose the original’s in German? (I don’t speak or read German)

    • rozkaveney says:

      Yes it is – I did German O-level many years ago and sort of kept it up via classical music. Opera and songs…What you need to know about the original is that it has the same sort of quite brutal rhymes as my version, and the same acceleration of anger.

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