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The first three of a work in progress called TWINS

1. They always said that they were really twins. they’d had work done, a lot perhaps so much their kinship was skin-deep. So to their sins add either lies or incest. They would touch each other’s faces, delicate and slow … Continue reading

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Tiwonge and Steven got out of jail

And that’s the important thing… And we bore witness in the rain, which is also quite important. A lot of us made clear that we were not happy at the misgendering of Tiwonge by the main-stream press and by a … Continue reading

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I got asked to speak at the Malawi demo tomorrow

and I thought it would be nice to do a poem for Steven and Tiwonge as well as speak for them from a trans perspective. The Court of Love Paired lovers names – Tiwonge Steven- can tell us of glances, … Continue reading

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Talking of memory…

My memories of the GLF era here

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A Sonnet in which the title does much of the work

ON THE UNRELIABLE MEMORY OF CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS AND THE VISIT OF THE POLISH AMBASSADOR TO THE OXFORD UNION To tell things as they actually were to say what happened matters, to deny what did not. Lovers of the truth concur … Continue reading

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Things I am already very tired of No 1.

Religious believers using the worse excesses of Islam, its believers and polities dominated by it as an excuse for their own fanaticism and bad behaviour. Complain about homophobia in Orthodox Judaism (as Julie Bindel does here and yes, JB condemning … Continue reading

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Good News Bad News

Recent events in Bradford mean that Comment Is Free will be holding over my Demonology piece for a few days at least, which is a pain for me, but far worse for the families of the women the accused is … Continue reading

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