Vote Labour

or the Mitchell Brothers will get you.

I am not entirely convinced, but it’s good punchy scare propaganda.

And, let’s also note, Ross Kemp sticking it where it hurts to his (allegedly) abusive ex-wife Rebekah Wade…


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9 Responses to Vote Labour

  1. parmonster says:

    Irrespective of my political leanings, I find myself not trusting this man at all. His logic is circular, but worse, his body language is awkward and screams of him not being entirely convinced of what he’s saying. So why should anyone believe him?

    • rozkaveney says:

      That’s not how I react to it at all…

    • actionreplay says:

      Oh, no, the body language etc is just Ross Kemp. He’s like that in his day job too.

      The sound is slightly out of sync with the picture on this btw, which is a tad jarring.

      (BTW, I voted Green by post, so I’m not trying to get you to vote Labour).

      • parmonster says:

        “Oh, no, the body language etc is just Ross Kemp.”
        Fair enough, I should mention I don’t recognize him, so any political/pop-culture/whatever reference is lost on me. I’m just judging the delivery on how it looks to my eyes.

        “The sound is slightly out of sync with the picture on this btw, which is a tad jarring.”
        Could easily have something to do with it, all I know is that my emotional reaction to this ad wasn’t “Fear the Tories”, it was “Do not trust this man”.

        “I’m not trying to get you to vote Labour”
        Just as well, I don’t get a vote. Despite my efforts to the contrary, I still live in a very distant part of the world.

  2. annafdd says:

    Mitchell Brothers? sticking it where it hurts?

    I know who Rebekah Wade is but I am missing a lot of context here.

    Also, who is the last voter? I sort of recognize him but not quite.

  3. khalinche says:

    I think the scariest thing in that ad is his eyebrow.

  4. smallship1 says:

    I have never watched Eastenders in my life, but I know who the Mitchell Brothers are/were. Unfortunately, even before I burst out laughing at the idea that Labour “cares about everybody,” I was thinking “well, actually, where I am, it’s a Labour vote that would be more likely to result in the Tories getting in again.”

    The thing about advising people to vote tactically is that the tactic required to achieve the desired exclusion varies from seat to seat. I’m sure Labour office know this; they can’t all be stupid. Therefore it seems possible to me that the actual intent of this is “whatever you do, don’t vote Lib Dem.” Which would imply that some party strategists think they might actually be in with a chance this time…

  5. Anonymous says:

    The reason that I don’t trust him (apart from “If they care about everybody why have they been pandering to tabloid racism for so long?” and the like) is the “A vote for the Lib Dems will let the Tories in” line. It depends entirely on the situation in the individual constituency in question. Do they think we’re stupid?

    I have different reasons for distrusting the Lib Dems, mind.

    (I also didn’t catch a reference to Rebekah Wade.)

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