More sad news

Peter O’Donnell, the creator of Modesty Blaise, has passed away peacefully at 90.


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Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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4 Responses to More sad news

  1. desperance says:

    Oh, damn. Good innings and a good death, yadda yadda – but still, damn. As you say: sad.

  2. kattahj says:

    At 90, the news don’t strike me as that sad, but a bit melancholy, certainly. I raise my glass to him and his Princess, though!

  3. This is an announcement I have been waiting for for years, but it is none the less poignant for that.

    I know you can’t tell everything about an author from her writings, fictional or not; but from what I’ve read of his I’d like to have met him.

  4. ffutures says:

    Crap. I wasn’t keen on his politics, but I loved the character and most of the books and strips.

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