And another


‘Come off it, Roz,’she’d say,’and cut the crap.
I was no saint. You know it. Half the time
I was depressed and sulky, and would wrap
Myself in gloom. You’d bitch at all the grime

Fag ash left on my stuff, and all the smoke.
In dead of winter, if I came to tea,
You’d make me stand outside – pretend to choke
If I lit up. And all this misery!

I’m dead; you’re not. And if the stiff were you
I would be over it. And all this verse!
I ask you, sonnets?! bloody sonnets! Who
D’you think you are? Rosetti? Fuck it. Worse!

Christina!!!’ I’d just love to hear her moan
If Hades or Elysium let you phone.


About rozkaveney

Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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8 Responses to And another

  1. anef says:

    This is great – all the Abi sonnets are great. I have to ask – do you post them as you write? Because if so I am in awe of how fast you can create.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This touching sonnet

    Dear Roz

    This made me weep: it is so beautiful. For me you have conveyed that transforming aspect of love which means that you feel for, and almost feel that you are, the beloved person. I am glad for you that you appear to me to have recognised within yourself just how Abi would feel about your situation.

    Helen (The would-be bureaucrat)x

  3. the_maenad says:

    Just because I don’t comment on all of them individually doesn’t mean that I don’t think they aren’t all superb. They are superb. If praise means anything from someone who can write a triple negative into a sentence.

  4. thesideshow says:

    Hate to quibble, but:

    I ask you, sonnets?! bloody sonnets! Who
    d’you think you are? Rosetti? Fuck it. Worse!

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