Last two twins poems

One lived. One died. The trouble with disease
Is you can’t plan. Their lives wholly the same
As they had made them. Friends would sometimes tease
Mockingly call one by the other’s name.

When Death came calling, she had made her pick
Could not be fooled or told ‘another day’.
And would not take both. One of them got sick
Sweated past thin. The other lived to say

‘I had a sister once.’ Her blonde hair white.
I sometimes wonder how she got to sleep
In what had been their bed, on that first night,
With none to dry her tears, how could she weep?

How learned, once doubled, to lead single life
Haunted by absence, that last surgeon’s knife.

They’d dance together in a mirrored space.
Lit by a mirrorball, they’d multiply.
And wear strategic sequins on each face,
One on the left cheek, one above the eye.

Infinity must take them as they were
Nor be deceived. Identical and paired,
Spinning, they gazed in love. This would deter
most men, but if it didn’t they just glared.

Sometimes they’d pick a body to dance round
Accessorized, somebody young cute raw
who drank too much. And sometimes such men found
themselves next morning interestingly sore

saw themselves mirrored in first light of day
buttplugged, trussed up, the blonde twins’ tender prey.


About rozkaveney

Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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One Response to Last two twins poems

  1. Anonymous says:

    “the spectrum cafe” a Transcentric site looking for writers

    (this is not actually a comment, it is an invite.
    as you have no contact listed i am trying this. it need not go up as a comment,
    it is for you.)

    we would like to invite you to the spectrum cafe.
    we are looking for new (and not so new)T community voices…..

    About The Spectrum Cafe’:
    TSC is a visibility project focused on the needs of Trans persons worldwide, and seeks to make issues relevant to their lives more visible. It is a Trans-centric space — we do not seek to merely balance, here we are wholly centered around the points of view of trans lives.
    This is a safe space for all people, but it is based around the premise that we are each responsible for our own emotions, and Trans lives matter more here.
    TSC is meant to be culturally sensitive to the differences in culture and seeks to preserve the cultural lines of Trans lives, as TSC recognizes that Gender is subject to cultural norms that differ and are not universal. There is no singular set of rules on how to be trans, and no singular terminology that can fully represent the vastness of the Trans community.
    The goal is to be as political as we want, as controversial as we want. Here we will speak truth to power, and we will not
    allow this space to become centered around lives which are not Trans.

    thank you.
    javier sandoval
    and Antonia D’orsay

    (some of our writers:)
    •Mercedes Allen
    •Dharma Kelleher
    •Emelye Waldherr
    •Peter Pan Tran
    •Bayne MacGregor
    •Antonia D’orsay

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