More Catullus

The Camerius Poem(Catullus 55)

You know, if it’s not too much of a bore
We’d like to know where you hang out these days.
Looked on the Heath, and round the Dilly. More,
checked Foyles, St Pauls, even Hampton Court Maze.

You’re nowhere. Checked the girls up at King’s Cross
– they hadn’t seen you. One pulled out her tits,
said ‘he’s in here’. You may not give a toss
but having all these girls show us their bits

-not our idea of fun. A full time job.
So, ring us, e-mail us, and make a date
to dish the dirt. Or, if you like, your gob
stays shut and schtumm. Call us at any rate

We’ve gossip of our own we’d like to share.
Not telling you it burns. It’s just not fair.

That’s even quite close to being a literal translation rather than just a version.


About rozkaveney

Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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13 Responses to More Catullus

  1. crowleycrow says:

    remarkable. Really witty in itself, and now I go check the Catullus.

  2. papersky says:

    Days/days in first verse?

  3. anef says:

    This is good. Will dig up my Catullus.

  4. swisstone says:

    Typo in the last line of the penultimate stanza?

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