Lesbia 1

If Gaius ever asked me what I meant
the times I said I loved him, I’d have said
it’s not the love that feels like being dead
when he’s away; I really do resent

his always blaming me for what went wrong.
I couldn’t marry some provincial boy
I used him as a pastime and a toy
and then I came to care. Each bloody song

he writes just makes me like him more.
He’s witty and a shit; my brother said
that if I liked, he’d quickly see him dead.
I didn’t even when he called me whore.

He’s not that good a lay – I love his hate.
I’ll be remembered, just because he’s great.


About rozkaveney

Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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5 Responses to Lesbia 1

  1. selenak says:

    Ha. Giving Clodia/Lesbia a voice to answer back is inspired. Love the poem. (Also, good point – both she and her brother could have easily have him killed.)

    …will we get her opinion on Cicero as well?

  2. crowleycrow says:

    SPeechless. Perfect.

  3. lnhammer says:

    *wants to reach for a Like It button*

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