My boy is That Man sometimes.


You haven’t an especially small nose;
your feet don’t have high arches and cute toes.
Your eyes don’t flash like wildfire in the night;
You drool a bit; you’re really not so bright
Your fingers are quite stubby, and the nails
Bitten and badly painted – those are fails
And you’ve an Tuscan accent; I can see
you’re some little provincial nobody
Who’s dating someone from your neighbourhood
who’s rich enough buy you clothes; he could
buy smarter. You will do, but not in Rome;
go be a famous beauty near your home.
Lesbia dates me; you’re not in her class
Degenerate age, to think you almost pass.


About rozkaveney

Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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6 Responses to My boy is That Man sometimes.

  1. swisstone says:

    Again, a great example of how you’re able, by avoiding over-literalness, to get to the heart of what Catullus is on about.

  2. swisstone says:

    Line 7 – ‘an Tuscan accent’ – typo?

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