After 9.11.2010

What is it we remember of that day?
Seeing those images for the first time
And then again, again. The numbers climb-
passengers, workers, firemen. So much grey

that day – the skies, the grey of choking dust,
the steel grey of planes as they flew in
to towers that were silver grey.We’ve been
tired for nine years now of the tearful trust

that was abused in memory of the dead
who burned, or choked or had to fall and die.
Their deaths undoubted truth spun like a lie.
So many innocents for those deaths bled.

On that grey day so many crimes were born.
We could have chosen different ways to mourn.


About rozkaveney

Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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2 Responses to After 9.11.2010

  1. finopalomino says:

    I’m sorry to quibble with your well-constructed and haunting poem, but my remembrance of that day is of the numbers that didn’t climb. The first estimate I heard in the context of possible deaths was 50,000, being the maximum capacity of the towers if every office was occupied and no-one had evacuated. That number then came down in the newscasts like a Dutch auction. By the end 2900+ seemed positively jolly. Then there were the hospitals standing empty and waiting for the casualties, but there were no casualties, people either got out or they didn’t. Then there were all the other attacks that didn’t happen, the airspace closed for a week because no-one had either the flexibility to swear in an ordinary lawman as an air marshal, nor any interest in preserving normality.

    • rozkaveney says:

      I take the point you’re making – and originally I meant the numbers of those who died as a consequence and go on dying, something I mentioned in order to pick it up later. Whatever commentators got wrong at the time though, when we see the images later, we tick off who was dying at which point, and that’s what I have chosen to refer to in my revision…

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