Poetry Break

My Guardian piece about the Papal Visit and Anne Widdecombe is up here. I am increasingly convinced that the people who comment negatively on my columns only ever read the first half of each of my sentences.


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10 Responses to Poetry Break

  1. They read that far? I was under the gloomy impression that most of the people who leave comments to newspaper articles read no further than the headline.

  2. reddragdiva says:

    I wrote this in a fit of telly-smashing rage yesterday:


    The only thing your article lacks is sufficient Belgium.

  3. fjm says:

    I’ve been rather impressed by the level of anti-semitism over at Johann Hari’s blog.

  4. supergee says:

    Having read the whole thing, I think it is excellent.

  5. They really latched on to the “Palpatine” thing. Great piece, tho.

  6. the_gardener says:

    Ah, the Guardian’s CIF trolls. People with too much time on their hands, in love with the sound of their own voices, incapable of writing their way out of a wet paper bag. Still, at least it keeps them off the streets!

  7. calimac says:

    On the other side, I was amused by the comment that didn’t get the “Palpatine” reference.

    Maybe some non-believers overestimate Benedict’s role in the lives of Catholic believers, but I don’t, because I know too many Catholics whose attitude to him is “Pope? What Pope?” They were a lot more inclined to pay cognizance to JP2.

  8. buggery says:

    I considered posting a comment over at the Guardian, but decided it would be like pissing into Niagara Falls.

    I’m Catholic, but not Roman Catholic… or Christian at all, for that matter. You’ve been Catholic, you know how it is. I liked John Paul II pretty well, or I did back when he was actually in control of his own faculties and not being used as a palsied puppet by sick Cardinaltry misanthropes like (what a coincidence!) Ratzinger who wrote up things that would’ve turned JP2’s stomach and jostled his elbow until they could pretend he’d signed them. I almost wish I believed in hell, so that they could go there.

    Though who knows, maybe if they believe in it strongly enough, they’ll go to hell regardless? My Gram (actually my stepdad’s mum) was a staunch and largely old-fashioned Catholic, though not the sort to let it keep her from being loving or open-hearted. She believed pretty firmly that she had some time in Purgatory awaiting her. So when I was given a 30-day indulgence (long but less-interesting-than-you’d-think story) I kept it for many years because it made such a unique souvenir… but ultimately I decided to pass the 30 days over to my Gram, after she died of a brief but severe illness. If she’s anywhere where she’d be aware of it, I’ve no doubt she appreciated it, and I wasn’t likely to ‘use’ it myself either way. Catholic tradition’s full of charming little things like indulgence-by-proxy that have been sullied by faithless hucksters over the centuries, now no less than in Luther’s time (or Berengar’s or Arius’s, for that matter).

    Well, that went off on several different tangents. Where was I? Lovely column, ignore the crazies.

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