Such a foul bar, with fouler clientele,
to be so near the Twin’s shrine! All you dicks
who think you are the only one with pricks
that no one else could ever fuck as well

the women who hang out there. I will make
all of you suck my cock. I’ll advertise
what your pub’s for. I’ll draw dicks of huge size
upon your sign. My wounded heart will break

because she’s there and fucks the lot of you,
the girl I love. She takes you all out back
into the alley, and she has no lack
of men who’ll wait to fuck her, in a queue.

She’s fondest of Ignatius by a mile –
his scruffy beard, his stinking piss-washed smile


About rozkaveney

Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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One Response to CATULLUS 37

  1. deliasherman says:

    This was definitely not one of the ones we read in 10th Grade Latin. I doubt our dictionaries would have been up to it anyway.

    I’m reading these translations/adapatations with enormous pleasure. Opens up a whole new window on Catullus, Roman poetry, and even some of the things set in Ancient Rome I’ve been reading/seeing. Thank you.

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