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I am a huge admirer of Alexandra Billings and she has a wonderful inspirational post here

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I’ve just had confirmation from a friend that the trans woman killed at Kings Cross on Monday was known to friends of friends.

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was interesting, as far as I was concerned, partly because it was all about the meta…The down-beat ending – when Will realizes that he shouldn’t do the performance for the school and that he has been taking risks with the … Continue reading

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The walls so close they almost touch your arms, if there is paint, it smears and leaves a stain. The alley is a way out of the rain, or a short cut to home. Sweat on your palms should warn … Continue reading

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I hadn’t responded to the cuts yet…

PURE LIBERAL VALUES So many useful jobs for men to do for girls, young boys, the crippled and the old- to stand on muddy street corners and hold a shovel to clear paths, to clean your shoe with soot, beef-dripping … Continue reading

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We waited there, on hard chairs. The harsh light kept us from sleeping. And there was the smell of bleach, cold tea and vomit. We could tell the time from all the shouting. Late at night it filled when the … Continue reading

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A Mistress

She lived so long they came to her again. Pretty young men around her bedroom door passing her wine as boys did long before but now she only drank it to numb pain in her left thigh, right knee. They … Continue reading

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