A lot of you know this by now…But I am Poet Laureate GOH at Illustrious 2010, the Eastercon next year. Hoorah.


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Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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  1. Congratulations! (And well deserved.)

  2. surliminal says:

    Congrats! Lovely idea.

  3. autopope says:

    That’d be Illustrious 2011, right?


    (Alas, I shall not be there to hear you declaim, dammit. 2012?)

  4. owlfish says:

    It is very exciting!

    (But I keep wondering what you are a graduate of, with respect to this. Or if you will be crowned with laurels.)

  5. rosefox says:


  6. cakmpls says:

    Congratulations, and fully deserved!

  7. fastfwd says:

    No one deserves it more. I’m so happy for you!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Roz I just “discovered” your poetry today

    we were friends on FB more than 2 years and had never read anything until today and when I read The Thief, I googled the first line to find out which major great classic poet had written it and google sent me to Silence,exile and crumpets, where I was reading avidly one poem after the other until I got to this line that you are poet laureate,your poetry is so inspiring that the spirit is contagious.So I don’t just say to you “congrats…” but you just inspired me my first poem dedicated to you from my little corner in life:
    The Truth-seeker
    The truth will set us free
    and so we walked
    tirelessly on through drought and rain
    the truth to meet that frees from pain.
    We stumbled on it landed on our face,
    the truth will set us free,
    but we got up, dusted ourselves and walked past it in glee.

    Joanna Iatridou

  9. Anonymous says:

    Fired up by your poetry Roz, I continue

    here is how the Truth-seeker continues on the spur of the moment:

    Your spirit Roz is catching me like fire,
    deep down I am the truth-seeker and lost
    the truth escaped me many times
    or I escaped from it, so why this post?
    Because I’m settling down, focus more
    the truth is what we put across and that’s the door
    to heaven,joy and our eternity.

    There was a couple that was dead, Adam and Eve
    the thief kept robbing wisdom from their tombs,
    he had a plan to do the greatest damage ever
    and keep them dead, never return to Heaven.

    Joanna Iatridou

  10. Anonymous says:

    Third part of the Truth-seeker

    From Joanna to Roz, about Joanna

    In resurrection time in Greece,
    we hold white candles at midnight and wait…
    And when we hear the bells we start in peace
    to share the light and spread it crowded tight
    around the Church and whisper “He has risen!”
    Would you believe it,me,Joanna I’m fifty two
    and fifty two times I came across this
    stumbled, fell on my face and got up
    walked past this truth, seeker fucked up.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The verve goes on, Roz, fourth part Truth-seeker

    There’s something more
    about this door
    to Truth and Heaven, our eternity
    two thousand years white candles at midnight
    we keep telling ourselves Life-Truth!
    Death,lies and dark conspiracies will shatter
    just like black smoke or fog will scatter
    in front of this vast affirmation
    It had been done
    It had been done, Never to be undone
    and the Thief knew his dust and rot
    the hot wind of his hatred on their backs
    the eyes of the dead started to heal,
    the worms were gone
    and Anubis could see
    the sick and hated Eva,dead-not-dead
    beyond the breathing Adam on her bed.

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