I’ve just had confirmation from a friend that the trans woman killed at Kings Cross on Monday was known to friends of friends.


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  1. gonzo21 says:

    God. I was just reading about that this very minute too. And being very cross with the way the BBC reported it.

  2. rosefox says:

    Oh no! My condolences to everyone in your end of the community.

  3. steerpikelet says:

    I’m really sorry, I’ve only just seen this. Hope you’re okay. Will call tomorrow. xxxx

  4. deliasherman says:

    Oh, Roz. How awful. *hugs*

  5. mevennen says:

    I was very sorry to hear about this roz

  6. 😦

    This event just leaves me speechless.

  7. The BBC have de-sensationalised this story now by reporting it as ‘a man was pushed…’. I have no idea whether that’s how the victim would wish to be reported or whether the BBC know one way or the other. Obviously things like this can be complicated.

    But as to the crime; how awful.

    • arkady says:

      Sonia’s own family have requested that she be referred to as a woman.

      • Well in that case that’s completely awful and disgraceful and the BBC should be ashamed of themselves.

      • arkady says:

        Absolutely. Her family and friends are all devastated over her murder as it is. The media is having a bigot’s field day over what she was wearing; they’re happily ignoring the fact she was a successful, respected lawyer who did a lot of legal aid work, and that she was a dedicated Christian.

  8. khalinche says:

    May she rest in peace.

  9. arkady says:

    The Press Association have brought out a much better report which makes Sonia’s gender clear and refers to her as Ms Burgess. It also makes mention of her trailblazing work as a leading immigration lawyer.

  10. ruric says:

    I am so sorry Roz.

  11. anef says:

    I’m very sorry to hear this.

  12. techiebabe says:

    A friend and neighbour of mine told me over the weekend that it was the father of a close friend. 😦

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