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Tonight’s steampunk

Endurance They had no need of dogs. Cut through the ice with heated blades – their ship was iron-clad, could not be crushed or stopped. Their air-boats had scouted the way, placed beacons. Once or twice the powered sledges stopped … Continue reading

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Another Egypt

Simplicity Floating upon the river, there were tribes who hardly ever set foot on the land who never saw the marching cliffs of sand who had no care for kings, gods, priests or scribes but had instead the currents of … Continue reading

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A piece of our history

An interview with Miss Major, another of the survivors of the Stonewall riot.

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Brick Lane Jack killed them near Brick Lane – yes, Spring-Heeled Jack With his electric stilts and clockwork saws. He hated women – it was not just whores. He loved to cut, and slash, and maim, and hack all of … Continue reading

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I almost never ref fic, but this BTVS/Glee crossover cheered me up on a day when I have had to banninate someone.

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More Steampunk

Workers by hand and brain At first they dug with picks, and then the great steam drills were made. The navvies, who had carved their way through living rock, sickened or starved or died of bends. The bubbles percolate to … Continue reading

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Kerfuffle part six thousand

Planet Transgender have posted again, and re-misgendered Kimberley while calling for our absolute surrender. I replied as follows – this is important because Kelli Busey has a habit of using moderating of comments to censort stuff she does not like. … Continue reading

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