More on the current kerfuffle

Helen BOP has assured me that she did not in fact communicate with any of the Americans in the trans community who have been supporting her over TDOR and attacking everyone else in London especially Mzz Kimberley. I accept that assurance.

She has also asked me to condemn Planet Transgender for attributing her work to someone called Helen Boyd. Outing Helen’s actual name without her permission would have been bad enough; misattributing her work adds insult to injury. I unequivocally associate myself with her condemnation of Planet Transgender on this point.

Now, Helen, please condemn the misgendering of Mzz Kimberley. Later Helen has now done this on Twitter.


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Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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4 Responses to More on the current kerfuffle

  1. steepholm says:

    I’m very disappointed to see that Planet Transgender still hasn’t corrected the attribution to Helen Boyd, even though it was pointed out in comments almost 24 hours ago. (The real Helen Boyd, who is American, has posted on the “tranny” issue, but not wrt the London event, as far as I know.)

    • scattermoon says:

      Planet Transgender seems to have responded to any criticism of any part of the article with sticking its fingers in its ears and going ‘la la la I can’t hear you’. It’s quite sad to see 😦

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