My piece about the Buffy movie reboot and how much less interesting it is liable to be than a lot of fanfic is up here


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  1. That’s a really interesting — and, I suspect, true — piece.

  2. calimac says:

    My take on this is quite different. For me, such interest and appeal that fanfic has comes from the fact that I know that it isn’t canon. Someone decides to play around with the characters and do goofy things – OK, that’s interesting; read it, put it down, go on to the next one.

    It’s when someone’s goofy ideas are either added to the official canon story, or when they have the weight of a large-scale movie adaptation – like Peter Jackson’s goofy ideas about The Lord of the Rings; they’re not Tolkien canon but, like the 5000-pound gorilla, you can’t just put them down and go on to the next one – that it bothers me.

    On the other hand, fanfic can also be honest to the show in a way that official sequels often aren’t. About 1977, I read a fanfic “after the 5-year mission is over” Star Trek story that stayed vaguely in my mind as infinitely better than the plot of Star Trek: The Motionless Picture that came out a couple years later. Among other things, it showed the characters being split up and sent off to different jobs, as they would in a real Navy, and then running into each other interestingly, rather than slowly getting superannuated stuck on the same old Enterprise together.

  3. chicating says:

    You’re right…

    but the project still feels crass and uninteresting.
    It’ll have to be one hell of a script.

  4. ffutures says:

    I love the reactions in the comments. Especially the moron who says that nobody ever calls it BtVS…

  5. time_freak says:

    The comments about Last of the Summer Wine slash made me laugh. Dear oh dear.

    And I think you’re probably right.

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