Kerfuffle part six thousand

Planet Transgender have posted again, and re-misgendered Kimberley while calling for our absolute surrender. I replied as follows – this is important because Kelli Busey has a habit of using moderating of comments to censort stuff she does not like.

‘You seem determined to go on misgendering Kimberley, a trans woman, as a drag queen. Are you aware that Helen Bird of Paradox. respect for whose feelings you regard as being so important, has denounced this misgendering on Twitter and absolutely dissociated herself from it? Are you also aware of how very angry she is that you misattributed her work to someone else? Further, this misattribution of her work – to an American, Helen Boyd – happened in the context of your attempted and inaccurate outing of someone who has beem very careful to keep her surname off the net.

This goes way beyond varying cultural sensibilities into ludicrously aggressive behaviour and, since you claim to be protecting Helen’s sensibilities, personal betrayal.

You also seem incapable of reading nuance – I want to make it very clear that I do not regard this as America’s fault, just yours.

I’ll put it as politely as possible – do you associate yourself with the call for violence against Kimberley on one of your Facebook threads, or are you prepared to say you don’t endorse what someone said in the heat of the moment.

Please let us know.’

I find myself practising the words, I have received no such assurances and therefore…

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12 Responses to Kerfuffle part six thousand

  1. snakey says:

    She’s now describing Kimberley as “a cisgender man”. >_____<

  2. Anonymous says:

    Maybe we really should reclaim it

    I have never had any particular feelings for the word, positively or negatively. I have used it, but nowadays tend to avoid it as I recognise it is freighted with a lot of negative connotations.

    Yet such is Kelli Busey’s vitriol that I am tempted to start using it again just to spite the poisonous wotsit. Maybe it’s time to drive a cultural wedge mid-Atlantic and state clearly that it’s our language and we’ll use it how we flipping well like.

    Just a thought

  3. I’ve been reading and thinking about your posts for a while, though not wanted to weigh into the debate as while I consider myself an ally, this isn’t my fight at all and I would hate to be marching in waving my cis-privs around and stepping on toes.

    There does seem to be a fairly clear division between the way the word ‘tranny’ is used in America and the way it is in the UK, with people in the UK much happier to use it affectionately and to consider it as ‘reclaimed’ by the transgender and wider queer communities (NB this is not to say that nobody in the UK can or should be upset or offended by it!). I’m not sure why that is but the one thing that springs to mind is that the British have a long tradition of self-deprecating humour that Americans perhaps don’t share.

    • rozkaveney says:

      I am sure that is true, but some Americans, Kate Bornstein for example, share that sense of humour – as of course do some Australians, which is how we got here in the first place. I think part of the problem is that ‘why so serious?’ has become, in some people’s eyes, a thing only vilains would say.

    • rozkaveney says:

      I have to say that some of it at least has to do with a bunch of younger people who confuse sceaming at other people on the net with actual activism.

  4. jasonelvis says:

    “I have to say that some of it at least has to do with a bunch of younger people who confuse sceaming at other people on the net with actual activism”

    – in a nutshell, Roz.

  5. x_mass says:

    so can we find out what planet transgender name and background is and then out/loud them across the net or would that be childish?

    I ask because since i’m a loud tranny they cant do anything to me, i keep finding new ways of being loud about stuff for example If they want to refer to me as he and use my old name I’ll happily supply it, I think it’s a really nice name actually.

  6. x_mass says:

    interesting things about kelli transgenderplanet busey she’s 54. her blog has existed since 2007 what’s the probability that she was in her fifties when she transitioned? I wonder if she’s actually expressing here internalised self hatred that she lived most of her life as a man with all the power etc that goes with that, whilst the rest of us actually got on with our lives? I bet she’ll say things like “oh it was different when I was young, not like now…”

    oh wait, damm, i starting to act like she does – next thing I’ll be doing is finding out her old name and using it publically. better stop now

    • rozkaveney says:

      As someone of 63 who transitioned back when I was 30 and whose only regret is that I did not transition when I was 24 because of being shouted at by feminist friends and psychiatric social workers – what always amazes me about some young Americans, and some later transitioners here and there, is just where all the anger comes from?

      It was me and those like me who had to put up with police harrassment, public beatings and Germaine Greer/Janice Raymond. And with often less than perfect surgical techniques or HRT prescription. And your generation didn’t exactly have a soft ride either.

      Given that she is a Christian, perhaps Kelli needs to go away and meditate on the Parable of the Vineyard. (That Jesus may not have been God Incarnate, but he made some cracking jokes…)

      • x_mass says:

        personally I have some understanding of what you went through as i went loud at school which was in the late seventies, I transitioned at my 3rd attempt after trying when I was 12 and when I was 18 (getting told I was banned from CX by randall (i was out about being a dyke) didn’t help much either). I remember being frightened of you at the 83 eastercon in brighton, even though you were ensconced in various publishers parties. I’ve been loud about being TS since I was 15 but nobody believed me, i remember when I did finally transition there was a concerted move to try and dissuade me on the grounds I would make “a terrible woman”. When at school i had so much hate from people who had been reading germain greer, I think the hate around janice raymond happened late.

  7. scattykat says:

    Here’s an interesting link to a blog post written earlier this year:

    Kelli Anne and Ashley are not popular folks it seems and they are a tad hypocritical too.

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