New Guardian piece about Christianity, the Gospels and sex here. By all means beat up some of my more idiotic commenters… Verbally, of course.


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  1. smallship1 says:

    Hmm. I found the comments interesting. One of the people you might class as “idiotic” said a true thing: love and desire are not synonyms, and are too often used as such. Someone else said an idiotic thing: the meaning of the word “love” in “what if someone loves killing people?” is completely unrelated to the topic under discussion.

    If sex were truly only for procreation, as some Christians claim, then, being created for that purpose by a perfect God (I typed “Pervect”, which is a pretty disturbing image) absent human interference it would work every time, and my parents would have had their first born ten years earlier. Therefore it isn’t. (That or God isn’t perfect, which is the assumption I go on; some people say s/he is, but then people always butter up the boss, don’t they?)

    Your article is excellent and well-reasoned. But then you know that.

    • rozkaveney says:

      Love and desire are not synonyms – they are overlapping circles…

      I was fascinated by the atheist who assumed that Jesus was celibate – this is the stock teaching of many believers, of course, but is something for which there is little in the way of textual evidence.

      I was also amused by the person who thought ‘go and sin no more’ was a killer quote for me being trans, a dyke and into a measure of kink – without demonstrating that any of these things are actually sins.

    • gauroth says:

      agh! I’d been married seven years, trying for a baby for 5 years, when I was seriously told that I wasn’t properly married because I didn’t have children. That ‘marriage-for-procreation’ stuff is just wrong. WRONG! (Still angry after all these years!)

  2. gauroth says:

    You are absolutely right. I speak as a practising Christian who loathes the hate towards gblt people shown by too many of my fellow Christians (and I really don’t like calling them ‘fellow Christians’ but I have to accept that people have commited crimes in the name of my faith.) I wish these so-called Christians who condemn their fellow humans would actually study The Sermon on the Mount. There are good things in Christianity, honest, but the Fundamentalists seem to be intent on scrubbing them out. It makes me so angry!!

    Thank you, your Grauniad article is excellent, and I hope it changes minds! I’ll pass it on to my gay Sunday School colleague, who will appreciate it very much. It’s so important that people speak out about what’s wrong with society, especially when they write as well as you do!! Thank you.

    • cmcmck says:

      Also practising (Quaker) and I suspect that Dickens hit it on the head with the speech he gives to the Ghost of Christmas Present about deeds of ill will and bigotry being done in the name of his family!

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