He met himself inside Hell’s Gate.The face
was older, sadder. ‘You will die for this’.
The other said, ‘and die without a kiss.
Your fame will live, but there won’t be a trace

of any of your work. You’ll be a word
for not trusting enough in simple love,
for over-reaching, aiming far above
what you can do. And be seen as absurd

in farces, and in tragedies just sad.’
Orpheus said,’ I’ve come too far to fail
whatever happens. We will be a tale
forever. If that’s all we are, too bad.

Love never lasts but tales of love live long.
I’ll get her back. But if not, become song.’


About rozkaveney

Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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2 Responses to

  1. crowleycrow says:

    Flawless, really, beautifully pointed. Even the harsh last line’s unmusical quality is right in reflecting what will become of him: he can pretend it’s fine but the catch in that line’s throat belies him.

  2. anef says:

    One of the ancient poets could have written this, I think. Unfortunately it’s nearly 30 years since I did Greek verse composition, or I would give it a go.

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