He disappointed her. Orpheus was meant
to change to God after some lapse of time
to organize the cosmos into rhyme
inaugurate a reign of wealth, content

and virtue. To replace Olympian waste
with simple austere ways, and yet be just
to Zeus the Titan-smasher, who would trust
someone so wise and gifted, sober, chaste

to take control, replace him, without blood.
Instead Orpheus took that girl as wife
traipsed off to Hell, squandered his mortal life.
She knew her plans were dust and that she should

forget him – knew as muse that poetry
had gained a tale to rework endlessly


About rozkaveney

Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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  1. crowleycrow says:

    Really beautiful. Your marmoreal (yet feeling) classicism is very taking. One suggestion for the penultimate line — maybe “forget him; but – as muse — that poetry” … It’s a little difficult to parse that last thought in its very Latinate compression.

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