Poem for a wedding

These are all rituals – the catching sight
across a crowded room; the half-stroked wrist
during an introduction; not yet kissed,
the cheek inclined; the nervous overbite

and pout when nothing happens; the long talk
with friends about what may not have been meant
by words at parting; the lush flowers sent
to make things plain; and the extended walk

in seaside rain when something real is said
that can’t be taken back. First kiss, first fuck,
first time you know that years of rotten luck
are over. These add up. Once you are wed,

they seem the tickings of a clockwork fate
that wound up from that first quite awkward date


About rozkaveney

Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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11 Responses to Poem for a wedding

  1. parallelgirl says:

    That’s wonderful. I really enjoy your poetry. I love poetry and always mean to read more, and I appreciate the way that your posting your work here puts little slices of poetry into my days. Thank you! 🙂

  2. girfan says:

    Just wondering…is this for Neil & Amanda?

  3. cmcmck says:

    It may be for others, but it sounds…._very_ familiar :o)

  4. tanithk says:

    *grins* for some reason I totally adore the ‘first fuck’ ‘rotten luck’ rhyme.

    beautifully done

  5. lentower says:

    you poem sublimely!!!

  6. fyreshard says:

    A beaueiful sonnet

    Thank you not only for the poem, but for sharing it with all of us, rather than sending it only to Neil and Amanda.


  7. cal_boudicca says:

    : )

    that’s beautful & very fine, Roz – have tweeted it – love from us xxxx

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