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I’m reading some of his sonnets…

at a Shakespeare concert quite soon,and am thinking about him quite a lot. Shakespeare1 I’m pretty certain that you were the man from Stratford, and that you had no idea you were the greatest poet. It is clear from what … Continue reading

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Possibly a poem for Eastercon

Wonder The dragon’s head is hung with shards of ice where it awoke and found the world grown cold. The ship trapped in the Rings is decades old. Its crew decided with a set of dice Made from the fingers … Continue reading

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As most of you know, I am poet GOH and have an extensive programme – I will be pretty much ON all the time, and in the bar, though not drinking alcohol. Coffee and fruit juice always acceptable.

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An afternoon of transphobic radfem blogs was not, in fact, wasted after all

For my trans dyke sisters Perhaps excessive neatness, or a scar that spirals round the hood. You press your lips against it, and she squirms up with her hips and you lose track a moment. We all are so prone … Continue reading

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Perhaps the start of something

Arrival Behind a sheet of glass six inches thick five eyes on stalks observe the human crowd. Its noises of digestion grow so loud humans feel dizzy. Some of them are sick sick at the thought of what the creature … Continue reading

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Peter Lorre He played the saddest killer of them all, hunted by police. And chased by gangsters too. He killed. He couldn’t think what else to do to fill his need. And when they made him crawl and beg for … Continue reading

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Exploitation She leaned lunged boozily. ‘I’d love to fuck except you were a guy. Suppose we did. Could it be secret?’ I went off and hid in the disabled toilet. Out of luck again. I liked her. Really. But her … Continue reading

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