I am staying here and it will remain my principle blogging platform. I have however backed my entire LJ up at a secure location, and am gradually transferring it across to Dreamwidth as well. I also regularly use LJArchive.

I suspect we are going to lose and I am not sacrificing all my work. But I am going nowhere while we are still here.

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Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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  1. lyonesse says:

    hear hear, and thank you.

    –someone who bought a permanent account back in the dark ages

  2. badger says:

    But I am going nowhere while we are still here.

    As am I.

  3. ladyblue56 says:

    But I am going nowhere while we are still here.

    I’ll be here, I guess we’ll be the last ones leaving so we’ll turn out the lights and make sure the doors are locked. A nice surprise earlier, Frank sent a virtual gift of orchids b/c I commented to the news post thanking the staff for their hard work at keeping LJ online as much as possible.

  4. girfan says:

    I’m here and not sure about moving to Dreamwidth, though I have an account. I like LJ and hope it continues with less problems. People who now mainly use Farcebook seem to forget all the times it goes down and the lack of security.

  5. cmcmck says:

    I’m still here but I have also had a DW blog (mostly a mirror atm) under the same cmcmck name for quite some time now. :o)

    I’d certainly recommend folks to set up mirror accounts just in case-DW make that pretty easy to do although for obvious reasons is very busy at present! It’s also easy to crosspost to LJ from DW.

  6. maellenkleth says:

    As am I, the wild colonial girl from halfway round the planet (where the maps are still coloured pink)….

    Dreakwidth is a good fall-back, Roz, and I urge you to consider that. In the meantime, I continue to appreciate your work, in whichever venue you see fit to have it appear.

  7. the_gardener says:

    I’ve kept .txt files of everything I’ve written on LJ since the day I started — although that of course doesn’t include any of the responses I may have received. But I’m not sure that backing everything up to LJ Archive would help — if LJ finally goes down under the weight of Kremlin disapproval, wouldn’t the Archive go down too?

  8. rozkaveney says:

    The Archive is on one’s own computer and it may well be worth cloning it, just in case. I doubt the Kremlin will want to risk the consequences of entering hundreds of thousands of computers all over the West to wipe files. Act of War…

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