How did we fail to notice this?

Catholic idiocy of the day.


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11 Responses to How did we fail to notice this?

  1. Osama being struck by a mysterious bolt of lightning while secure in his bunker might be more than a coincidence. Osama being shot by a squad of SEALs from the army that had been trying to hunt him down for a decade … um, not so much.

    They really will declare anything a miracle these days.

  2. pnh says:

    Oh come on. Why isn’t it the “Peruvian idiocy of the day,” the “sinister death-squad-linked right-winger idiocy of the day,” or the “guys with big hair idiocy of the day”?

    There are a billion Catholics on the planet, but the rate at which they’re nitwits about the bin Laden thing seems to be roughly that of the general population. Given the many things one can legitimately criticize Catholicism for, ascribing OBL-related-nitwittery to it seems like a rare misfire from you.

    On average, the Catholics I know personally are a bit to the left of science fiction fandom, and while they often take a dim view of official Vatican pronouncements about sex, gender, and reproductive issues, they would point out that official Rome’s first reaction to the killing of bin Laden was to caution against celebrating the death of anyone.

    • rozkaveney says:

      I’d argue that while there are am awful lot of sorts of idiocy in the world, and Catholics are no more, and often considerably less, idiotic than anyone else, that there are some particular sorts of crazy which are habitual to particular groups. And the habit of assuming a linkage between the procedures of the part of the Vatican which runs canonization and other events is one which is not especially common among other sorts of believers.

      When, as sometimes happens, I mock the likes of Pat Robertson for assuming that natural disasters are a sign of god’s anger, I am likely to refer to it as Evangelical nonsense – not least because it comes so bizarrely from groups that claim biblical inerrancy yet ignore Gospel strictures on this specific practice.

  3. supergee says:

    You mean it wasn’t the Royal Wedding? Blogging this.

  4. ravenbait says:

    That’s quite special.

  5. martyn44 says:

    So killing someone is a miracle. The words ‘Jesus wept’ seem appropriate. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  6. makd says:


    Roz, you made my day!

  7. giogio says:

    *cackles* I had to pinch myself that I was really awake, you know.

  8. cmcmck says:

    Something about: ‘thou shalt not kill’ was it?………….

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