I really am not happy about the state of UK politics


We meet them in a bar, perhaps. They smile
and we don’t count their teeth. Perhaps we should
but they seem charming, civilized and good.
And all is fine for now. But all the while

the moon is waxing. And a week goes by.
They show us wallet photos of their son.
Talk vaguely of some silly things they’ve done
when they were younger. In a clear night sky

the moon comes full. Their features stretch and melt
hair, fangs and muzzle. They writhe on the ground.
You run but hear the whining questing sound
of grim beast tracking you. They sniffed, and smelled

you earlier. Load silver in your gun
The next encounter with them won’t be fun.


About rozkaveney

Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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6 Responses to I really am not happy about the state of UK politics

  1. smallship1 says:

    These are not werewolves. Werewolves have some style,
    Some grace they borrow from their four-legg’d kin.
    These are just humans. Watch the way they smile,
    And listen to the web of lies they spin.

    A predator respects and loves the prey
    On which its life depends. There’s no respect,
    No love, in these smooth faces, just a grey
    Unending bored rapacity. I’ve checked.

    No, if there were a beast so base, so vile,
    As to recall the spirit bodied here,
    It would be microscopic, insectile,
    A carrion eater, ruled by greed and fear.

    They are not worthy to be wolves or bats,
    Or any of Dame Nature’s democrats.

  2. My thoughts exactly. The Tories are superficially very nice people (nicer than Labour members), but I definitely wouldn’t trust them in a political sense.

  3. kateelliott says:

    Okay, I’m biased, but — wow — this is great. Thanks as always for sharing.

  4. shewhomust says:

    Thank you. That’s made my morning.

  5. ffutures says:

    And save the anti-tank rifle with the depleted-uranium core silver shells for Thatcher.

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