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Further to last night’s poem for Mr. Charles Shaar Murray

The great man himself

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Waiters They stand arms at their sides in the large room where a last supper happens. Don’t intrude upon the conversation. Someone’s nude or someone weaves a battle on a loom that she unpicks next day. Not their concern. They … Continue reading

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I went to Charles Shaar Murray’s Sixtieth this evening

Blues 4 for Charles There is a music only old men know who’ve had the years to etch their fierce throats with dark smoke and strong drink, who wear long coats that fit so well, the shoulders seem to show … Continue reading

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New CiF piece on Catholic NGOs trans-defamatory interventions at the UN here.

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The Dead It is not that their spirits can possess part of my mind or work my hands with strings up in the ceiling. There’s no voice that sings soft in my ear. They’re all dead, more or less, the … Continue reading

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Rereading GAME OF THRONES it occurs to me that Sansa is the anti-Susan who starts off selling out honour for pretty frocks and learns better

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Ferris Bueller

is 25 today.

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