My review of A DANCE WITH DRAGONS is up here.


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  1. skull_bearer says:

    After the pace of the last three books (less so the fourth), having a book in which very little happens was distinctly disappointing. Particularly after waiting six years!

    • rozkaveney says:

      I really didn’t feel that – or no more than in previous books which I had just reread. I like the sense that this is a world in which getting around takes time and is miserable – and actually didn’t find anything quite as slow as Brienne’s Pointless Quests or Arya’s Adventures In The Thirty Years War.

      • skull_bearer says:

        I suppose that for me, each other previous books had left the world in a different situation than it had started in, and this was the first book where the status quo hadn’t really changed much.

      • rozkaveney says:

        I think that is because it is the book in which all the threads Martin has spun are starting to weave together.

  2. calimac says:

    Is the prose still as bad as in the first book? Because that’s where I stopped. Martin used to be better than that.

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