Merry Christmas

And this is how I shall be mostly spending it…

That, and roast venison with juniper and celeriac, and the usual pudding.


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Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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22 Responses to Merry Christmas

  1. hamsterine says:

    Thats a lovely picture of you. What a nice smile 🙂

  2. ffutures says:

    Euro book mountain still growing then?

    Merry Xmas, hope it’s a brilliant new year!

  3. eglantine_br says:

    Books, books Books! The best.

  4. helenraven says:

    Merry Christmas! Happy reading and eating (venison… mmm…).

  5. hairyears says:

    My first reaction on seeing that image was: “You’re cat-sitting for ?”, but I don’t recognise the shelving.

    My second was: “The in her natural habitat” – cats have a Favourite Place To Sit, chosen so that everyone in the house will envy them; and so, clearly, do you.

    Also: when eating venison on Christmas Day, do you refer to the source as ‘Rudolph’ ? I’ve only served venison a couple of times at Newtonmas, but I find a well-placed cranberry on every serving makes the point perfectly.

  6. andyluke says:

    Lovely layout and photo.
    I had celeriac yesterday yum
    Happy Christmas Roz

  7. swarmingness says:

    Now *that* is a book collection!

  8. rosefox says:

    Me: “Oh hey, Roz’s place looks just like our apartment!”

    Josh: “Ours is a little less… uh…” *looks around* “No, you’re right, it does.”

    It’s a lovely photo. Enjoy the day!

  9. madcatwoman says:

    Lovely photo, Roz. You look very happy, and who wouldn’t be, surrounded by all those books!

  10. That looks absolutely blissful. Happy holidays!

  11. d_aulnoy says:

    I am saving that photo to pull out occasionally when I need a reminder of you – it is so quintessentially perfect! Merry, merry. 🙂

  12. ann_totusek says:

    Celeriac…num! That’s the best way to spend almost any holiday, and I am interested (but not surprised) to see how much your living room resembles my family’s- walls and floors groaning with the weight of the reading material! Have a joyous day, whatever it may be that you celebrate.

  13. Great photo; I’m envious. My bookcases are scattered all over the house and you have your own nook, and it looks so cosy. Happy holidays to you!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Happy Christmas! That’s quite a library you have there.

  15. nwhyte says:

    Yep, I did celeriac as well, and a juniper sauce, but with boar rather than venison. Yum!

  16. i_kender says:

    Happy xmas! And oh boy do you ever need more storage space!

  17. SO MANY BOOKS! *flails*

    Hope the venison was deicious.

  18. I read that as roast version with jumper…

  19. the_maenad says:

    Books do furnish a room, indeed! Your living space is after my own heart.

  20. tsubaki_ny says:

    The shelves! The shelves! Just like mine! I’m normal! I am! w00t!

  21. cmcmck says:

    Reminds me of the library I couldn’t access because we spent Christmas at my MiL’s in Scotland!

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