In trouble again

The Last Temptation

‘You die upon the cross, and then you rise.
That’s when they all fall out. The Magdalen
is first to see you, and John starts again
moaning you loved her more. So Simon lies

brings up your silly joke about the Rock.
You think that’s funny. Men will die for that,
rule Rome and wear a very silly hat.
They’ll talk as if you never had a cock

lock women up, make men swear to be chaste.
Forget to feed the poor, make themselves rich.
Your painful death their favourite piece of kitsch
Burn people and rape children. Barren waste

the church your heirs will make now.’ Off he crept
Satan in quiet triumph. Jesus wept.


About rozkaveney

Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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7 Responses to In trouble again

  1. smallship1 says:

    Wrong again, Mr Spiggott.

    He’d said “I bring no peace, I bring the sword.
    My coming will enshroud the world in strife,
    Set brother against brother, man ‘gainst wife.
    So must it be, when I to some am Lord,

    To others heretic, blasphemer, thief.”
    He’d known what might ensue, of course he had.
    But, like a loving son, trusted his Dad,
    And so he wept; but not from simple grief.

    Good things are seldom unalloyed with bad.
    The news he brought to some would mean new life,
    To others pain, the scaffold or the knife,
    Would keep some sane, send others barking mad.

    That much was foreordained, for good or ill,
    The moment God endowed us with free will.

  2. Ah, Christ. Too true, and it makes me weep.

  3. I love this. I especially love “Jesus wept” as the final sentence, where it can be read both literally and as a common exclamation.

  4. cmcmck says:

    Oh YES!

    ‘This is my Father’s house and ye have made it a den of thieves’

  5. That’s beautiful: thank you.

  6. caprine says:

    This is gorgeous. Permission to repost on Facebook?

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