I’ve not posted for almost a month and that’s partly because I’ve been ill – some viral ick and then bacterial seediness that has taken two courses of antibiotics to knock out. Also writing for the Guardian – the radfem piece most of you have seen by now and the first two John Donne pieces. Also FLUTE DANCE, a short story for the second TALES FROM THE HOUSE BAND – it’s another Mara story and possibly the best thing I’ve writted in the Rhapsodyverse. Publication looms, and a September US trip, and I still have about 15 k to write of Vol 2 REFLECTIONS. I know everything left to happen, sort of, and am getting up to speed and writing my thousand a day. So I will finish in June, and start the next critical book in July, and start volume 3 in January. If fate allows.

Poetry has gone into a fallow time, but more soon.


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Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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  1. tekalynn says:

    Get well soon, and thanks for the update.

  2. crazycrone says:

    Hope you’re getting back to full strength.Thanks for the John Donne,

  3. Very good to hear that the writing is progressing well.

  4. paulathomas says:

    Sorry ti hear you’ve been ill. Thought your piece in The Guardian was pretty good. Get well soon

  5. cmcmck says:

    Good to see you back.

    There’ve been major issues at this end too, but we soldier on…..

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I did read your piece on the RadFem conference to which you are not invited, Roz. Please explain to me and to your readers why you so fear females gathering without YOU? Why does this threaten you so badly? Exactly what is it that radical feminists might do that instills such hatred and paranoia in you?

    Do you respond to every conference that isn’t for you in this manner?

    Why do trans people seem to believe that your greatest and most dangerous enemy is a small group of women? Personally, I think it’s out of jealousy. You know that you can NEVER BE a woman; this brings out your rage, as it does in other transwomen, like nothing else. That we have the right to assemble peaceably is beyond all doubt; and yet, here you are, banging away at a door that will never be open to you. NEVER.

    Why do you and your kind not try to barge into men’s organizations? You are not welcome in those gatherings, either, but for some reason, this does not bother you. Why not? If you really think that everyone should be welcome everywhere, why not try to get in there? Perhaps it’s because you know that you wouldn’t be able to find a softie, as so many women can be, who will capitulate to your demands.

    Get your own life, Roz, stay out of my world.

    • rozkaveney says:

      You claim to have read my piece but actually that is clearly untrue since you ignore the fact that I repeatedly stated, both in the piece and the comments, that I desire neither to barge into the conference nor to get it cancelled. It is doing neither of those things to raise the question of whether trans-exclusion is legal under the Equalities Act or whether it is appropriate for a one group to discuss the right to existence of another group, particularly in that group’s absence. Sheila Jeffreys is commited to the destruction of the trans community and much of what she and other people attending the conference say is hate speech by any reasonable standard.

      I have a life. Fairly clearly.

      One feature of that life is all the women who have always known and loved me as a woman.

      You accuse me of barging into your world, which I have not done. What you have chosen to do here, is barge into mine.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sure, Roz–your ONLY concern is upholding the law. Hmmm….why don’t I believe you? Why would you be different than the vast majority of F2T people who demand access to all places at all times, regardless of the needs of females? Please, dear, you’ll have to come up with something better than this. I remain unconvinced.

      • rozkaveney says:

        Suddenly = no surprise – you’re shifting your accusation from my alleged desire to attend Radfem2012 to the idea that all trans women intrude all the time. And using insulting language to do so – though calling me F2T would count as heresy in the circles you frequent and you should probably check your terminology.

        Now, which space did I force my way into? Virago where I worked for several years in their full knowledge that I was trans? Or the Cambridge Guide to Women Writing In English? Or the beds of my various lovers? Hardly forced in any of those cases.

        You probably mean women’s wards in hospitals. Or perhaps toilets.

        Here’s the thing, my presence in those places offends no one except you and your clique and a few religious fanatics from the more patriarchal faiths.

        Oh, and calling someone you despise dear is standard misogyny.

        You lost the war against trans people. Live with it.

      • Anonymous says:

        No, you are just wrong, again. I haven’t “shifted” anything at all. You haven’t addressed any of my points. Is it true that your ONLY concern is that the law be upheld? If you don’t want transwomen to be able to attend this conference–or ANY OTHER EVENT to which they are not welcome–then why are you writing about it at all? What about the hate-filled trans-activists who are making threats, wishing radical feminists would “die in a fire,” etc.? Do you support them, or do you not?

        I don’t belong to a clique. From one end of the Western world to another, women–females, that is–are waking up to the fact that men in dresses and makeup are calling themselves “women” and protesting any and every event that is specifically for biological females. We are finding one another, and listening to each other, and discovering that we are not alone in calling out the Emperor in the “new clothes,” and questioning everything about this crazy “gender identity” nonsense that YOU and your friends are trying to force on us. We are not buying it. You have not “won” anything; in fact, the opposition to your delusions are growing every day. A clique? If it were so, why are you all so afraid of us? Is it because we can see the truth, and are speaking it loudly and clearly?

        We are not engaged in a war against trans people. Our war is a war against US, a war on women, which we’ve been fighting since the day we were born. Born female, subjected to all the oppression that women around the world are subjected to. Your fury and hatred of us are not something unfamiliar. Men have hated and feared women since the beginning of time.

        And although you’d probably love to see us all burn at the stake, those days are over.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is my last response, I’ve had enough fun for the morning. Now live with this: You are NOT a woman. You cannot be a woman. Plastic surgery and hormones do not make men into women.

      • It’s nice that this is fun for you. Now piss off and play somewhere else.

        “Fun”? FFS.

      • Dear Ms Barber
        Like you, I’m a ‘biological female’. Like you, I’m a feminist. But I find your views distasteful. Your truth is not my truth. You don’t speak for me.

      • I want you and your associates to know that you don’t speak for this cis feminist.

    • jessie_c says:

      Speaking of the need for getting lives and barging into spaces you’re not welcome, hello Ms Pot, meet Kettle.

    • fjm says:

      I remember when I held the same opinions as you express here. And then I met real people, with real identities and not only did I learn to love them on their own terms, no ifs, buts or maybes, but I realised how much my previous insistence that others conform to the label I imposed was utterly contradictory to what I believed in all other contexts.

      You are missing out on so many wonderful women.

    • laplor says:

      “Get your own life”

      It seems that there is a troll in the garden.

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