A supporter of RadFem2012 has trolled my LJ from Facebook – I did not know they could do that, given there is no link in my public Facebook details. Given she objects to her false belief that I want to intrude on her conference, in some vain attempt to become female, apparently, I don’t see why she would be entitled to barge into my lj, but her logic is not of this earth. If anyone feels like giving her an LJ welcome…

I think I am going to go friends-only for a bit.


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Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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  1. x_mass says:

    afaik i’m not on your friends list so i will see you on the flip side

    afaik the facebook think is one of LJ new “features”

  2. jessie_c says:

    I did not know they could do that, given there is no link in my public Facebook details Eljay and StalkerFacebook merged a couple years ago, just so people could do this sort of thing. It kind of explains why I’ve never been a fan of StalkerFacebook.

    Going friends-only is wise. You have to protect yourself from those who wish to harm you

  3. laplor says:

    Be safe.

    I wish you didn’t have to feel that way. The world needs your poetry.

  4. cmcmck says:

    This is why I am friends only.

    It should be possible to disable the facebook (and twitter) links if my memory serves

  5. Sorry about the intrusion. Take care.

  6. lil_shepherd says:

    Thats’ weird, because if you haven’t ever linked your Facebook and LJ (from either side) they shouldn’t have been able to do that.

  7. nancylebov says:

    I’m sorry you’re going through this.

    It’s possible that the connection between facebook and LJ was made by human-based deduction– your lj handle is based on your name.

  8. singinglark says:

    I’m sorry you’re being trolled by such an ignorant, self-righteous bigot. I think going friends-only is a wise choice; she’s clearly not someone who’s willing to be convinced by rational discussion. Take care of yourself.

  9. I’ll miss your poetry, but I understand why you’re doing this.

  10. ffutures says:

    Possibly helpful?


    Banning an OpenID user from commenting in your journal works the same as banning a LiveJournal user. When you delete an OpenID comment, you will have the option to ban the user from commenting further.

    If you want to ban an OpenID user without deleting a comment, you can still use the Ban and Unban Users page; however, first you will need to find the internal username used for the OpenID user. The easiest way to find this name is go to the user’s profile by clicking the OpenID logo (). In the statistics section at the top, find the line that looks like this:
    0 Memories, 0 Virtual Gifts, 0 Userpics
    Each of these statistics link to a page ending with a name of the form ext_num, for example, ext_1. This is the username you will need to ban, using the methods given above, replacing ext_1 with the correct username.

    • ffutures says:

      Re: Possibly helpful?

      Forgot to add that I’m pretty sure that it’s possible to set the defaults to “Anyone can read, only friends can comment”

      You can also allow friends to comment but screen comments from non-friends.

  11. Facebook allows /a/l/l/ many sorts of misuse of any data it can acquire … but your LJ handle is easily recognizeable from your name. The troll might have found you either way — but either way, what fun! Not.

    Good luck with it.

    • Either way — and you probably have done this already, but just in case — you might want to go through every blinking page of the LJ and FB and OpenID* preferences for your accounts and look for new loopholes.

      (* Don’t know if you use OpenID, but I have surprised a couple of people by telling them the page revealing all their linked accounts was there in the clear for any web search to reveal. Can it be hidden? I don’t know.)

  12. lyonesse says:

    sorry to hear đŸ˜¦ you’ll be missed around here!

  13. maellenkleth says:

    Hi, Roz:

    ‘Friends-only’ is a regrettable necessity these days. All the same, I am sorry to hear of someone harrassing you.

    Hugs and stuff,

    Elane Imgoven
    (one of Russell Reid’s many wandering waifs)

  14. redbird says:

    Another possibility is that someone who didn’t realize it might be a problem wrote something like “[Roz’s full name] posted thus-and-such on LJ” and linked. At which point there might be a google link here from a search on your full name. A friend of mine was trying to keep her LJ separate from real-name stuff, and then someone who doesn’t think in those terms off-handed pointed to her LJ, using her real name. Fireworks ensued, and even after they died down, the information was out there.

  15. What a nasty woman. Just ignore her; she’s clearly full of spite and bitterness.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hi there,

    I came here through your Twitter post about this. I was curious about what happened, and I found it pretty easy to get here. I thought I’d comment since there seems to be some confusion about how she might have gotten here from Facebook. Your website (http://glamourousrags.dymphna.net/) is listed on your FB profile, and your LJ is linked from there. I’m not defending her actions, just explaining what I think happened–it’s easier to get here than you might have thought.

    I had to go friends-only on my LJ years ago due to comments that were unwanted. So I get how that sucks. LJ feels a little more personal than other places, at least for me.

  17. arkessian says:

    I shall be sorry to miss your poetry and your good sense, but understand that you have to do this to protect your own space.

  18. ms_cataclysm says:

    Sorry to hear this -is this be nasty to people on social media week ?

  19. hairyears says:

    Oh dear. You have my sympathy.

    There is very little to be gained in engaging with the differently-socialised, the dim, the determinedly-bigoted and the malicious, unless it is of educational value to others.

  20. makd says:

    Best of luck, my dear.

    Your LJ is YOUR space; you can “friends-only” and keep the toxins out of your online home.

    There seem to be a LOT of crazies about these days, taking advantage of the “anonymity” and freedom of cyberspace to attempt to abuse and to outright abuse good people.

    Every time I receive an e-mail from FB or a message to “like/dislike” on FB, I recall the Baudelaire poem (I think it’s The Rebel), where he says, “I will not!”. IOW, I refuse to get into FB; it just seems to be filled with rude and unkind people.

  21. I’m so sorry to hear this. What a bunch of complete, arrogant bitches.

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