A perfect storm

For your convenience here’s the latest comment from my new troll Ms Barber who loses it surprisingly quickly and accuses me of wanting to burn TERFs alive.

No, you are just wrong, again. I haven’t “shifted” anything at all. You haven’t addressed any of my points. Is it true that your ONLY concern is that the law be upheld? If you don’t want transwomen to be able to attend this conference–or ANY OTHER EVENT to which they are not welcome–then why are you writing about it at all? What about the hate-filled trans-activists who are making threats, wishing radical feminists would “die in a fire,” etc.? Do you support them, or do you not?

I don’t belong to a clique. From one end of the Western world to another, women–females, that is–are waking up to the fact that men in dresses and makeup are calling themselves “women” and protesting any and every event that is specifically for biological females. We are finding one another, and listening to each other, and discovering that we are not alone in calling out the Emperor in the “new clothes,” and questioning everything about this crazy “gender identity” nonsense that YOU and your friends are trying to force on us. We are not buying it. You have not “won” anything; in fact, the opposition to your delusions are growing every day. A clique? If it were so, why are you all so afraid of us? Is it because we can see the truth, and are speaking it loudly and clearly?

We are not engaged in a war against trans people. Our war is a war against US, a war on women, which we’ve been fighting since the day we were born. Born female, subjected to all the oppression that women around the world are subjected to. Your fury and hatred of us are not something unfamiliar. Men have hated and feared women since the beginning of time.

And although you’d probably love to see us all burn at the stake, those days are over.


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Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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20 Responses to A perfect storm

  1. lil_shepherd says:

    Ban her, honey.

    She’s a nutter.

  2. theadydal says:

    What an idiot, they need to learn that gender is between a person’s ears and not their legs and by excluding Trans women who are women from the war on women they are doing harm.

  3. lyonesse says:

    yark 😦 the internet is full of nitwits 😦

  4. ms_cataclysm says:

    Words fail me. Pouring caramel vodka and crumbling biscotti down the internet cable now.

  5. marjaerwin says:

    Okay, I suppose I should write a reply arguing that some of my ancestresses were burned as witches and that accusation is hateful [and some actually were burned as witches], that *obviously* men were paranoid about witches stealing men’s penises because they couldn’t imagine that some witch-womyn had been born with the pesky things, that *obviously* Lilith was trans, and then something about Gorgon sentinels.

    but… I don’t know where to begin and I’m busy right now.

  6. A wonderful combination here, exhibiting both the hallmarks of the crazy-ranter and the poor-persecuted-privileged-me defence more often seen from the lips of white, male cisgendered and heterosexual folks… a purer example of frothing at the mouth with anger is almost hard to imagine. Especially insofar as describing you, and other transgendered females, as having a “fury and hatred of” women goes… which is why so many prominent transgender women are feminists? Because being a (non-trans-exclusionary) feminist, is hating women?

    The mind, it boggles…

  7. were_gopher says:

    Huh? What a charming little fuckwit you’ve attracted there.

  8. kateelliott says:


    There are so many things wrong with what she says that “block her” is the nicest thing I can say.

  9. ffutures says:

    I am very glad I don’t attract this class of fuckwit. You have my deepest sympathy, but hit the ban button.

  10. valeriekeefe says:

    As I’ve said, those who want to control womyn’s bodies, control the terms under which womyn can use their bodies, control trans womyn’s bodies to prevent transition, as Kitty and the assorted misogynistically cissexist wadfemz are wont to do, are a pack of angry, dispossessed harem guards.

    They no longer have any power over us.

    PS: Not that it’s of any relevance, not that femme or butch presentation is in any way more legitimate, but the last time I wore a dress I was five.

  11. makd says:

    Hit the button and ban her. And,if you ever see her in The Red Seat, knock her flat.

  12. She then went on to say that she was going now as she’s ‘had her fun’. How that makes her any different from some thick-necked jerk hollering abuse out of the window of his car, I fail to comprehend.

  13. hairyears says:

    The stupidity is infectious.

    Quarantining your online spaces – or imposing some kind of friends-only cordon sanitaire seems more sensible with every passing minute.

  14. anef says:

    Sorry you have to put up with this.

  15. papersky says:

    It’s sad to see somebody so very uncomfortable with their own identity. As a straight cis woman I have to make a real effort to even see what she’s being so defensive about. I got to be a woman without having to lift a finger. When I read about the effort you made to get to be one, I am awed.

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