Perfect storm 2

I have been honoured by an LJ visit from renowned anti-trans tadfem Cathy Brennan whose most abusive tweets and posts often disappear.

No Roz, I do not comment anonymously, and rest assured I would prefer never even to know about or hear from you, as I think you are a complete idiot.

Also, I don’t need to ask a delusion fuckwit about the Cotton Ceiling or what a lesbian is, as I know the answers to these questions.

Cathy Brennan


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Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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18 Responses to Perfect storm 2

  1. rozkaveney says:

    She’s asked me to confirm that an earlier troll was not her.

    She is her own best troll.

  2. Isn’t that … special.

  3. veronikos says:

    Well, if nothing else, you gotta admit…that lady’s got some chops.

  4. makd says:

    hmmm. Well, it certainly appears someone needs a kick in the pants. Shall we do this in unison?

  5. lff12 says:

    They always find you, I find ……

  6. I don’t understand trolls. If I don’t like someone, or disagree profoundly with his or her opinions expressed online. I don’t follow them. Or if I do, I don’t comment and stay well out of things.

    There are a multitude of f*ckwits on teh intarwebz.

    I had a LJ follower once who posted a comment to my journal that I thought was abusive. I deleted it. He then commented again and said that I was censoring him. Au contraire, mon frère: only governments or authorities can censor. I’m just deleting f*ckwittery that appeared in my blog and up with which I will not put. I had to ban him from commenting and unfriend him. He was the online version of The Diary of a Nobody without the excitement and suspense, so no loss.

  7. You don’t half attract them. *sigh*

    God forbid they should be forced to contend with nuance and grey areas in their pursuit of the ONE TWOO WAY.

  8. sockkpuppett says:

    I don’t say much, but I keep up with you, you know? This? This is hilarious, and I had to let you know that I started laughing a couple of minutes ago, and I’m still laughing.

  9. rozkaveney says:

    Oh our Cathy is a charmer. And a litigious charmer at that.

  10. beccaviola says:

    Ooo, congratulations!


    Weeping into your pillow this evening, then?

  11. singinglark says:

    Well, she certainly told you what’s what, didn’t she?

    LMAO forever, with a side of Permanent Eyeroll

  12. auroramama says:

    Well, I did have to look up the meaning of “Cotton Ceiling”, found avory’s post and read the comments, and now I know so much more about Cathy Brennan than I ever wanted to. So she may console herself that her unwanted experience of your existence has been avenged.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Roz – My posts never disappear. You are a liar. A sad, deluded liar.

  14. I’m coming to this late, as I ran away to Glastonbury and have been made off-line and phoneless for most of the last few days. I’m appalled at this: she’s a vile hate-monger and a shame to all women.
    Can I do anything? Please just let me know. (Back home with phone tomorrow.)

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