More Brennan

Ah, a bumper crop Roz – My posts never disappear. You are a liar. A sad, deluded liar.

In that case, Cathy, perhaps you could give us all the link to the tumblr post in which you listed all the supporters in a Facebook page of feminist anti-transphobes or the one you tweeted me a link to in which you made disobliging comments about trans women’s genitals.

Oh, you want to kick me? Shocking. You must be a trans woman.

Cathy, the colloquial expression ‘a kick in the pants’ does not in common parlance refer to an actual kick in the actual pants. But you are, of course, a lawyer, and common parlance is not your metier.

Aww Roz, stop talking about me, we won’t have to have these little chats, ya bigot.

This was a response to my calling her a litigious charmer. Cathy, have you not threatened to sue at least three people in the last week? Charmer was sarcasm, btw.


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Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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13 Responses to More Brennan

  1. jessie_c says:

    She does projection so well, doesn’t she?

  2. cmcmck says:

    You appear to have failed to block the bigoted hatemongering you mention on your previous post Roz. The FB comments are up.

    The comment ‘you must be a trans woman’ is, I note, aimed at someone other than yourself.

    I find the privileged, cissexist assumption behind that attack staggering! :o/

  3. She really is an unpleasant, intolerant bigot, isn’t she? I’m so sorry you have to keep on putting up with this.

  4. geekyisgood says:

    Is it bad that what upsets me most is that she uses an Ally Brosch picture in her avatar? Her schtick has got so old I can’t be angry anymore, she just seems so pathetic (apart from when she’s doxxing – that’s malicious and disgusting).

  5. vschanoes says:

    Is this all on twitter or facebook? If any of it is on LJ, I would be happy to spend some time on the attack, as it were.

  6. kattahj says:

    I want to give her a kick in the pants too, and I’m cis. Admittedly the kind of cis where people go OMG YOU’RE WEARING A DRESS whenever I’m wearing a dress, but still.

  7. makd says:

    Meh. She clearly doesn’t need to get a life: she has one verbally torturing others!

  8. skull_bearer says:

    You do wonder how sad some people’s lives must be if this is what they resort to.

  9. debg says:

    Oh good lord. I honestly wish these dipshit bigots would stop calling themselves feminists.

    Cathy, whoever you are, GO THE FUCK AWAY. You are not a feminist. I AM a feminist. We – straight women – do not want you claiming to be on our side, because you foul our air.

    You are not a feminist. You are proof that there is no god. If there was one, your bigotry would have earned you a swam of locusts at the very least.

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