Aphrodite Inquisitor

She’d really rather never use the rack,
thumbscrews or Iron Maiden, boot or whip.
She likes to talk through each relationship
forensically examine where the lack

you found in each beloved seemed to lie.
Does not assume the fault was wholly yours.
And when your answer’s honest, there’s applause.
She likes to reinforce. Tears in your eye

are also a good sign; though strong bright lights
are shining on you – not to make you sweat
and purely to ensure you don’t forget
a single harsh word in those final fights.

And any pain you go through helps her find
your new love. She’s just trying to be kind.

About rozkaveney

Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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1 Response to Aphrodite Inquisitor

  1. lokifan says:

    Fantastic; I love the metaphor here.

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