Huckabee so-called man of so-called god
and Brian Fischer too say that no gun
would ever kill a child if everyone
said prayers in school. Dump stinking putrid blood

on all the praying heads of rightwing fools
They put guns in the hands of violent men.
It happens time and time and time again
that guns are used to kill. Not just in schools.

It’s what they make guns for. And there’s no prayer
has ever stopped a bullet. Only laws
take automatic rifles from the paws
of men who kill. And if they dare

use dead kids, god should send them both to hell.
Or fuck them both, and fuck their god as well.


About rozkaveney

Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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  1. shadowkat67 says:

    My thoughts exactly.

    First poem about piranhas…reminds me of the media. The second..oh so apropos.

  2. paulathomas says:

    Yes you should, It is one of your best poems, and expresses what I suspect a lot of people are feeling right now.

    My thoughts when I first heard the tragic news from Connecticut yesterday were a mixture of sadness, anger, and resignation (expressed as “what do you expect with such easy access to guns?”) but I’m loosing the horror and shock I used to feel at these kind of events in the USA – they happen too frequently for that now.

  3. ffutures says:

    Yes, definitely. There are certain sorts of batshit crazy that cannot be forgiven.

  4. cmcmck says:


    End of, really.

  5. gonzo21 says:

    Agree with the others, yes.

    The pro-gun peoples calls to ‘Not politicise this’, is in itself demanding a politicisation of the issue, just they are demanding a situation where they utterly control the narrative and squash all dissenting voices.

    Fuck ’em. The truth needs to be told, they value their right to own guns because guns are cool, over the right of parents not to have their kids murdered.

    • history_monk says:

      Hear, hear. They also value not having to explain what makes so many people crazy enough to do this.

      • gonzo21 says:

        I spent a very depressing 20 minutes earlier visiting some of the websites where the crazy gun nuts hang out. And most of them seem to think it’s all a plot by Obama to force through gun legislation, that he set up the shooting.

        And they also, and I had real trouble getting my head around this, but many of them seem to think that because Hitler banned guns, the Holocaust happened. Also Stalin and Pol Pot and Chairman Mau all introduced gun control. Therefore if America introduces gun control then HITLER!

        And you really can’t debate with this sort of level of insanity.

        Arming teachers also seems to be a popular suggestion. Because that’s exactly what we need, more guns in schools.

  6. papersky says:

    In ancient Carthage bronze and angry gods
    demanded children’s blood and childrens bones
    and people bowed their heads down on the stones
    knowing their city’s life hung on those odds.

    These babies sacrificed in all their gore
    this blood of innocents was shed to save
    protect, defend the rest, the parents gave
    their children to be safe from theft or war.

    So, in America, the mighty Gun
    likewise demands this high and bloody price
    in children, in a bloody sacrifice
    to stern necessity, what must be done.

    The Gun, like Moloch, keeps his people free.
    But these are not my gods, will never be.

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