Why you can’t bore from within if you are already outside…

There is a small piece of background to the recent decision by the Press Complaints Commission that Julie Burchill’s piece in the Observer was not an offence. (One of their arguments was, incidentally, that they can’t look at cases where a group is defamed, even though some little time ago Lord Hunt, their chair, assured Trans Media Watch that they could.)

The anti-Leveson pack in the commentariat keep telling us that the PCC is not broken. that the Press can be trusted to self=regulate. The PCC does, after all, have lay members…

A few years ago back in 2008, one of the posts for lay members became vacant, and I applied. I was, after all, a respected author of books on popular culture. a reasonably well-known literary journalist, and a former deputy chair of the National Council for Civil Liberties, with a background in the Civil Service. I had references from a former editor of the Times and a Minister at the Home Office. ( My application mentioned that I was active in the causse of trans rights, but did not stress the wilder bits of my past, or views.) On paper, I looked really rather good.

I didn’t even get an interview.

I mostly applied so that they could turn me down. on the assumption that one day, their having turned me down would be useful back story. This is that day.


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Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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10 Responses to Why you can’t bore from within if you are already outside…

  1. annafdd says:

    Do you know who they hired?

  2. cmcmck says:

    They and that bastard Littlejohn (and the PCC claims they can’t do anything about the murderous assault on Lucy Meadows’ life and dignity because she’s dead and they can’t accept third party complaints- talk about catch 22!) between them have managed to create the blackest depression I have felt since before the passage of the GRA. That means that no one on LJ or DW has ever known me depressed.

    This is not good :o(

  3. That’s just…
    There are no words.

  4. I’m an ally. I just friended you – didn’t realise you were here. Martin Robbins told me (on twitter, so he didn’t go into detail) that he thought Leveson would make no difference to e.g. the Daily Mail’s hounding of Suri Cruise, and by implication to all the victims of press intrusion, even though on paper, clauses 3 and 6 of the PCC Editors’ code apply. If Leveson isn’t going to make the press uphold their own code, what on God’s earth is the point of it?

    And that poor woman, whose life was just beginning in it’s new and proper form, has died for whose benefit, exactly?

  5. mevennen says:

    Well…… I’ve probably applied for about 20 creative writing posts in academia and despite having 15+ novels and a PhD, have never had a reply, let alone an interview.

  6. feorag says:

    The Neopagan community had similar problems with the PCC in the late 80s/early 90s, with the same excuse about it being a group, not individuals, that were being defamed. Even though individuals lost their jobs etc as a direct result.

    Now that group is protected by legislation on incitement to religious hatred etc.

  7. Ugh Roz, I’m sorry.

    I wonder if using the NUJ might be a way in. They’ve published guidance for the sensitive reporting of suicide; I can easily see a guide, produced by trans journalists, for reporting and publishing stories about trans people sensitively.

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