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My books

Later this year, Plus One will be publishing REFLECTIONS volume 2 of RHAPSODY OF BLOOD. People who haven’t yet read RITUALS, the first volume. may want to think about getting caught up.

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A sense of painted eyes and dark red hair Across a room; perhaps we met and spoke. I sipped my tea, not sure why I was here, noticed as you do some friend of friend you may not meet again. … Continue reading

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A serious blog post I wrote about Thatcher in 2005

The Thatcher years were misrepresented at the time, and have found many apologists since. Which just goes to show that a lot of people will put self-interest ahead of truth and ignore what was actually going on most of the … Continue reading

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I wrote this some time ago and stand by every word

She has been sick so long that we forget how much we hate her still, how ever much her sense of self grows vague, or out of touch with her bleak legacy she seems. And yet – there is no … Continue reading

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