I wrote this some time ago and stand by every word

She has been sick so long that we forget
how much we hate her still, how ever much
her sense of self grows vague, or out of touch
with her bleak legacy she seems. And yet –

there is no yet, no pity. She was not
the kind to pity, thought such feelings weak,
the rust that eats the iron. You might seek
in vain for mercy in her. She forgot

so many things before she lost her mind,
that markets are just people, that no war
is ever won, that what has come before
always returns, and not to be unkind,

and so, no mercy to her. Watch her breath
stutter and fade, then drink toasts to her death.


About rozkaveney

Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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7 Responses to I wrote this some time ago and stand by every word

  1. Goodbye, Margaret Thatcher. May the damage she has done eventually heal.

  2. paratti says:

    Still a great poem:)
    I just got home after being out all day. Am enjoying the news to some Scottish Butter Tablet.
    It seems appropriate.

  3. Nicely written, Roz!

  4. nineveh_uk says:

    Oh yes. She died in the Ritz on a day her legacy is throwing people onto the streets. No, I won’t be nice.

  5. ffutures says:

    So farewell then, Margaret Thatcher…

    The next Private Eye ought to be interesting!

    But don’t go near her grave, a hand might come out and pull you down, as in the Comic Strip’s GLC…

  6. autopope says:

    A comment of Feorag’s bear’s repeating, I think:

    “I’d be happier if Thatcherism had died, and Maggie was still alive and lucid to see it.”

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