We won’t be silenced. There’s a case for tact,
more for ignoring it. They’ll say ‘not yet’
tell us to wait, be sure they’ll not forget.
The laws they are proposing are just packed

with such good things, although they leave us out.
There are not many of us, and the hate
some feel for us, gets stressed in each debate.
So don’t be selfish, demonstrate or shout

outside, or weep. It’s really for the best
we wait our turn. Again. Patient and mild
we stand, and they talk to us like a child.
Then turn their back and bitch with all the rest.

How our sick acts give sleepless fever nights
to proper people. Fuck our human rights.


About rozkaveney

Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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  1. cmcmck says:

    This! Absolutely!

    Why are the young ones so ‘patient and mild’ anyway?

    You and I weren’t, but we couldn’t spend our time crying ‘oh wae’s us’ on here ‘cos here didn’t exist, so there was just the community and the street to shout in and we shouted.

    Maybe we need to get back to that?

    The Act doesn’t effect me at all as a straight, married woman, but it sure as hell makes me angry that we’ve been thrown off the sledge yet again. ‘They’ don’t seem to understand that there are allies out here and they seem to care even less.

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