But this one is for the news


For they were not his gods. His god was one.
He knew the difference. His fingers smash
one at a time they hammered. And the lash.
He hoped his heart would fail. When they were done
they took his head and hanged him. And the sky
was brass above him. Centuries of dust
blow round at night. He did not break his trust
to broken lovely stone. A single horse’s eye,
a lion tail, a god’s titanic stare
Held in his mind and buried in the sand
for aeons more again. The scholar’s hand
could write no more. He did not tell them where.
Duty submission worship. Final knife,
no harm to learning honour. Just his life.


About rozkaveney

Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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7 Responses to But this one is for the news

  1. gonzo21 says:

    I met him once, many years ago,he was giving a guest lecture in Edinburgh. A scholar and a true gentleman.

  2. coth says:

    That’s sad. And a lovely epitaph. I wish it hadn’t been so.

  3. cmcmck says:

    I fear that anti intellectualism is on the rise and will be the death of many more before all is resolved. :o(

  4. paratti says:

    A fitting tribute to a true son of the House of Wisdom.

  5. anef says:

    I couldn’t find words, but you have. Thank you.

  6. lokifan says:

    This is excellent and tragic.

  7. ndrosen says:

    A worthy tribute to a scholar and a hero.

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