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This is a little timely

A STATESMAN One stinging insect soon becomes a swarm. Their stings burst fester soon more blackfly hatch. Bat them or net them. Everyone you catch begets another which will wish you harm. Tied down the little people pluck your hair … Continue reading

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A poem for these times

STRICT I wish I could be kind to every friend Could never raise my voice or cause them tears or rip fond roots out grown in hearts for years. Refuse to give in times when all things bend, Pool deliquescent … Continue reading

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Nostalgia, rape culture, thick texts and obsession

Back in 1973 I went to this musical I’d heard about that had just transferred from the Royal Court to a semi-derelict cinema. It was a strange year – I was trying to finish my BLitt thesis and was starting … Continue reading

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Some other recent thoughts

Austerity always was a lie and the preparedness of Labour to buy into self-flagellating nonsense was a crime against the vulnerable. The Labour Right sold their souls. The Labour Centre became accomplices. I voted for Corbyn because he is not … Continue reading

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I should start putting my extended Facebook posts here

It’s ironic that Suzanne Moore should cite ‘pragmatism’ as the reason for her continued opposition to Jeremy Corbyn. Pragmatism is a much over-used word and far too often it is abused to mean ‘let’s live in the worst aspects of … Continue reading

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I wasn’t sure whether to post this

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