Too sick at heart to write well

To 67 Labour MPs

Gold tongues and lion hearts are worthless trash.
Virtues that history will not recall.
We do not care what reasons made you fall.
Ambition, pique, or principle or cash.

It is the crime and not the motive weighs
so heavy, breaks our hearts, loses our trust.
It’s hard to hate you now but hate we must
to keep our anger hot. When each page says

how right you were to take us all for fools.
You are the clever ones with clear bright eyes
yet sell yourself so cheap, tell stupid lies
corrupt your virtues into broken tools

All that you were for this one day you sold
For jobs which go with power which goes with gold.


About rozkaveney

Middleaged, trans, novelist, poet, activist
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3 Responses to Too sick at heart to write well

  1. history_monk says:

    Labour was lost to me in 2003, when they made aggressive war. The LibDems are now out, after they backed this. I don’t think I’m a radical leftist, but there is now no mainstream English party I can vote for.

  2. helenraven says:

    My MP, Neil Coyle, is one of the 67. I’d feel worse if I’d voted for him, but I think not much worse.

  3. lokifan says:

    This is just horrendous.

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